Hi! I'm Matt Wade and here are three fun facts about me; I was born and bred in London, UK, I'm a proud redhead (with the sensitive skin to go with it) and while I have travelled and personally experienced every type of skincare product there is, 24k gold is truly the powerhouse ingredient that has really made all the difference! So I wanted to share this with you through GOLD BY GLOW.
But first a little bit about my journey, ever since I was a young teen I have experienced ongoing issues with my skin, whether it was severe acne, out-of-the-blue inflammations or general skin sensitivity, which no cream, pill or lifestyle change recommended by dermatologists helped to alleviate. Over the years I have tried everything you could imagine hoping to find 'THE' product that would calm my skin, spending a fortune in the process but also becoming incredibly knowledgeable in skincare and the ingredients that actually work! 
While on my travels I came across 24k gold face masks, as soon as I washed my first mask off and I saw the results they became an instant beauty must-have for me! The problem only came up when I was back home and the only products I could find that incorporated gold at the same level of quality were incredibly expensive sold in high-end department stores and some of the world's most extravagant celebrity spas. There and then I decided that I wanted to bring the powerful skin benefits of real 24k gold to everyone in affordable but highly effective and luxurious products. 
GOLD BY GLOW has gone through over a year of rigorous research & trials, without the use of animal testing, leading us to our final 24k gold facial treatments that truly utlilses the power of gold. Our products benefit from advancements in nanocosmetics that maximises gold ion absorption into the skin through the use of gold nanoparticles, allowing our formulas to effectively work their magic on our customers skin for fast and mega-watt illuminating results!
Please reach out with your questions or suggestions on our growing brand, there is always someone on hand to help and we love hearing from our customers (plus the GOLDBYGLOW selfies are always amazing!).

GLOW BY GLOW Founder and Director